Twitter Celeb!

Twitter Celebrity? Well, not quite.

Actually it is one of my tweets, it went viral and got more than 5K retweets and favorites which is unusual  for me.

It was featured on the The Guardian, The Independent, Washington post, Buzzfeed  and many other news websites. The story behind the tweet is detailed in all the links listed here.

Social media is a very powerful tool to defend one’s views and to stand for what we think is right.

I am very happy with the feedbacks I am getting because of this tweet and the enriching conversations it engaged.

Author: rabeb

Unapologetic Muslim, Tunisian,Arab, African, Woman-In-Tech, Engineer, Developer advocate for Nexmo, Feminist, Traveller, Blogger, Woman. Proud of all of the above.

One thought on “Twitter Celeb!

  1. as you probably know, Twitter only let’s you retweet something once, so on the Monday morning, I screenshotted your tweet, with a comment about it being the best. So all its favourites & retweets can be added to your totals : 651 retweets & over 550 favourites


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