Culinary Adventures in Stockholm

If you’re following me on Instagram or if you’re a real life friend then you already know that I’m a foodie.

I like cooking, experimenting with different things in my kitchen and obviously go on culinary adventures locally or wherever I’m travelling.

I’m a strong believer that cuisine is a great way to get to know a Nation and its culture. It’s an important part of the whole travel experience for me.

So obviously when I was in Stockholm lately, I asked Google where I can try swedish cuisine in the old town ( gamla Stan) . There was a name that appeared few times on the map and in articles: restaurang tradition.

I trusted the internet, I went there and the internet did not disappoint me.


Not far from the Royal palace and in one of the old town cobbled streets I found Tradition. To my surprise, the moment I opened the door I stepped into a very modern place mirroring the typical swedish  contemporary design. I was expecting an old building.

I went relatively after lunch time around 3PM. It wasn’t crowded, I spotted the chefs having their food on one of the tables which made me smile.

My waitress was beyond friendly, she was answering my questions and explaining the menu to me.

Talking about that, I fairly eat small portions and I hate it everytime I ask how big a starter or main is , the answer is almost always: oh it’s not that big, enough for one person. Then I end up wasting food because there’s too much of it.

Anyway back to Tradition.

Now time to talk about the food. Tradition definitely serves swedish cuisine, you got all the ingredients for the swedish cuisine from reindeer meat to fish but unlike the name I think they added their own modern touch.

Like any restaurant in Sweden, the first thing served on the table is bread and butter. They sure love their bread and butter there. I seriously wonder how they are not obese.


For my starter, I went for smoked reindeer pate( SIKAFORSRÖRA), I never had reindeer in my life and I knew if there’s somewhere to try it, then that’s Stockholm.

It was so yummy and almost filling I must say. If you don’t feel like having a main, probably 2 starters would make a decent meal.



The mains on the menu are all very tempting and it’s hard to choose. I finally decided on the steamed cod with shrimps, horseradish and butter sauce. Oh yeah! it was yum!

IMG_20171027_153619 (1)


Too bad I was too full to go for a dessert but that was a pure delight.

If you fancy trying Swedish cuisine in a modern setting with a variety of choices, tradition is definitely the address for you.


The foodie inside me

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