Gone Mobile Podcast

Gone Mobile is a podcast discussing the latest in mobile development, with a healthy bias towards Xamarin technologies. The podcast covers in-depth topics with guests ranging from Android, iOS, Windows Phone & Store development to mobile marketing and design, as well as other mobile or not so mobile related technologies.

Earlier this month, I had the immense pleasure of chatting to Greg and Jon, the two awesome guys behind Gone Mobile.

Here is the episode where we were talking about Android and GPU performance.

ArabWIC Webinar: A Discussion On Industry & Entrepreneur Careers

One of our activities in the Arab Women In Computing(ArabWIC) organisation is to organise Webinars regularly to cover various topics from open source to career advice.

The last webinar was a discussion for students and academic professionals facing important career transitions.

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Speaking At Connect2016 About Cross-Platform Mobile Development

Last weekend, I was miles away from home to attend and speak at Women Who Code ‘s Connect2016 conference, a two-day tech conference designed to inspire women to excel in tech careers. There was in-depth panels, trainings, keynotes, and actionable advice on propelling more women into technology careers.

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The Power Pose

8Th of March marks the International Women’s Day, may we never need just one day to celebrate women’s achievements, recognise their rights or highlight their struggles.

Some people make the joke of how women get one day but men have the rest of the year for them. It’s not funny! It’s not funny because we are in 2016 and we are still reminding the society of the pay gap every 8th of March.

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A Proud Wogrammer!

Wogrammer is a community founded by two women engineers to showcase the stories of fellow women engineers and their technical achievements, thus the name Wo(men)(pro)grammer.

Every story is a stereotypes breaker!

One of the stories you can see in there is my story, the story of the Tunisian lady who fall in love with engineering and is now trying to encourage more women into the field, the story of the woman who thinks “Just because we are a minority in the tech industry, doesn’t mean it should stay as it is. Women can be successful in tech just like men, all we need is to leave the comfort zone, raise our voices and get the credit we deserve for our work.”.

Full story is here.

I Am On TV To Talk Tech!

Back in August, I was invited to take part of Al Hurra TV show Hunna, to discuss the issues and challenges of Arab Women In Tech .

It was an amazing opportunity to meet other inspiring ladies from the Arab World, listen to their stories and share mine.

It is important to make our voices heard, celebrate our success and point to the challenges, hoping that it will encourage other women and empower them to have successful careers in technology.

Here is the episode, I hope you understand Arabic 😉


What I’ve learned by being a woman in software engineering

A few months ago I had the great honour to speak at one of the Bristol Girl Geek Dinners events. The topic of my talk was : Women In Software engineering: The ugly, the bad and the good.

I ended up the session with this slide and I meant every word here.


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Talking Software To The Bristol Girl Geek Dinners

I will be talking software to the Bristol Girl Geek on Wednesday 28th of January.

If you are in the area and would like to join us, please do sign up for the event here.

I am looking forward to seeing you and discussing software with you.



Yours Truly,

The Engineer Inside Me