Adventure is not always easy. Sometimes it’s not fun and it can be borderline dangerous. But it’s in those moments when you hit the summit, reach your destination or simply survive, that you realise that you can push your limits and challenge yourself.
It’s in those moments that you realise you are not the same person you were when you started out, because adventure is a great teacher.

Here are few things I learnt from my adventures:

  • Adventure doesn’t require a lot of money and it doesn’t require you to geographically go somewhere else. It still can be called adventure without involving volcanos. Exploring the places under your nose could be sometimes a very pleasant adventure.
  • Adventure needs a bit of planning: spontanious plans are cool but if you want to go on a hike, you may want to have your hiking shoes on not flipflops. Believe me, I hiked in Miami Keys (Key largo to be specific) in flipflops midday in a hot august day. Bad idea. Luckily the swim in the Atlantic afterwards washed out all the sweat and dirt.
Key Largo Hammocks State park
Key Largo Hammocks State park
  • More planning: If you want to hike a national park, you may want to have a map because the internet may let you down.
Dartmoor national park
It’s not like we couldn’t find our way but technically we were lost in Dartmoor and couldn’t find the proper path. Oh well…
  • Adventure is all about knowing your limits: I’m all for challenging oneself but there’s a fine line between being brave and being stupid. Knowing when to stop is sometimes the right thing to do. Don’t turn your adventure into drama.
Brecon beacon national park
It may not be clear in the photo but it was so windy and foggy that day that we couldn’t see the path and had to go back.

One last thing: Never stop wondering and exploring, there is a whole world for you to see and billions of adventures and experiences to live 😉


Yours Truly,

The traveller inside me


Culinary Adventures In Georgia

If I have one advice to give you prior to your trip to Georgia (the country not the state ) that would be : EAT ALL THINGS PURI.

Puri პური is Georgian bread and there are few varieties of it for you to try.

The first one I tried was the ADJARULI KHACHAPURI which is a cheese-filled bread topped with a raw egg and some butter (Don’t look at me like this, I did not invent it). You need to mix the egg and butter with the cheese to finish cooking it and then use the crust to eat the mixture.

As much as enjoyed that, I couldn’t finish it. It was a bit too much for me.


I also tried KHACHAPURI few times which is the above bread minus the egg, it’s a cheese-filled soft bread.

Apparently Georgians prefer it to pizza and I kinda agree.

BTW, the cheese used to make all this heavenly yummy puri is called sulguni.


As if this wasn’t enough bread, they also have puri filled with beans, it is called Lobiani. Lobiani comes from the Georgian word Lobio which mean beans. Funny enough, in my native dialect, that is Tunisian, we call beans “Lobia”. Not sure how we got almost the exact same word  as the Georgian one, maybe the Ottomans introduced it to both countries?

Talking about beans, Lobio is also another tasty dish to try while in Georgia. You may be used to have beans part of your breakfast but in Georgia, it’s served as a savoury main meal and it’s very tasty.

Another thing to definitely try is Khinkali. Khinkali is Georgian dumpling that comes with a variety of fillings. You can have the classic mince meat filled Khinkali or cheese, potatoes or mushroom ones.

My absolute favourite dish, and this is because I didn’t expect it to be that good, was Badrijani Nigvzit – ბადრიჯანი ნიგვზით (Eggplant Walnut Rolls) which is fried eggplant forming a roll pocket and filled with a delicious creamy filling made of walnuts, garlic and spices.


Not sure if having this dish on top of a hill looking at the beautiful city of Signagi and the caucasus mountains made it more delicious than how it really is ( sorry couldn’t stop myself from bragging).


Overall, the Georgian cuisine is really yummy. Even though I was eating in touristic areas, the food was authentic and delicious.


Dear Friends, Stop Telling Me I Go To Weird Places

Dear friends,

If I wanted to go on a sunny holiday to relax, I would go to my charming mediterranean country, stay for free in my parents house, use dad’s car, get fed by my mama and be spoiled by my friends.

I like to think of myself as a traveller who wants to hang out with locals, find out about hidden gems and go to places with not so much selfie sticks.

PS: I have nothing against selfie sticks unless they are taking 3/4 of your photos or when they are taking up my personal space.

I know that you love me and do worry about me but stop freaking me out with your “Ohhhhh! Isn’t that a dangerous place?” every time I tell you about my travel plans (You too mama! Especially the places you’ve never been but so sure it’s dangerous for me to be there).

Dear readers, who do not necessary know about my travels ( It’s OK, I do forgive you), ‘dangerous’ places I’ve visited include Lebanon, Serbia etc.

As if Beirut was more dangerous than Paris this past year ( *Sarcastically rolling my eyes*).

Back to you, dear friends.

It is really harsh to base your judgement on news from ten years ago. The Lebanese civil war ended in 1990 but yet some people only have this image of a very beautiful country and its friendly lovely people, same applies on Serbia.

I get the fact that your perception is most of the time fed by media and I’m no exception. But for that exact reason, it’s important that we leave our comfort zones, couches and TVs and go out into the “wild”.

Let’s face it, we live in hard times and it’s important to try to get to know each other, it’s important to open up to others.

People are nice, most of them. During my travels to the States, Lebanon, Serbia, etc. I met some amazing strangers with whom I had in common just one thing: our humanity. But that was enough.

If what you consider as weird place is a place with no resorts, junk food or similar experience to your homeland, then yes I love visiting weird places.

Places where I can learn something new, where I can open up to a different culture.

Weird is good.  The world is worth the risk.

PS: I have nothing against resorts, it’s just not my type of travel.


Yours truly,

The traveller inside me





Culinary Adventures In The Homeland

For someone who blogs (at least,try to!) about food and travel, I must love food and the story it tells about the place it comes from. Right?


When it comes to my homeland food, it doesn’t only tell any story, it tells my own story.

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Chew Valley Lake

I love this time of year, when spring is here with its colours and birds and when I get to go out on lovely walks in the countryside.

The British countryside is very beautiful (Since it rains most of the time).

Lately, thanks to some of my good friends, I discovered Chew Valley Lake which is a fake lake. It is a large reservoir, the fifth largest artificial lake in the UK.

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Exploring The Places Under My Nose

In his book “The Idle Traveller-The Art Of Slow Travel”, Dan Kieran has a whole chapter dedicated to staying at home and how to walk out the front door with the perspective of a traveller.

This book really changed my perspective on travel, it helped me a lot becoming a traveller rather than just a tourist.

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So I Went On My First Ever But Not Last Solo Trip

My first ever solo trip dates back to March 2015, I’ve been to another 5 trips after that one ( 6 as I’m writing while waiting for a flight to Istanbul then Tunis), which may explain why I didn’t find time to write about it along with the fact I’m a lazy blogger (I’m so lazy that it’s been a month now since I started writing this post but yet it’s not ready and my 7th trip of the year is booked! Yay! ).

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Travel Essentials: Your Travel Search Engine

As an avid lover of travel and adventure, checking travel blogs and deals is part of my weekly tasks if not daily duties. Planning my next trip ( sometimes it’s planning my after-next trip :p ) is what keeps me going. It’s a much enjoyable activity for me.

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Autumn Colours

Having sunny, non rainy weekends in the United Kingdom in this time of the year does not happen a lot, it is something to celebrate. The proper celebration is mainly to be outdoors, enjoy the sunshine and the scenery.

If you are into photography, those sunny weekends are perfect for  autumn colours hunting. Since I now, have a proper camera ( no offence, dear phone), I took advantage of sunny weekends to capture the beauty of autumn.

The following  photos were taken in Westonbirt arboretum near the town of Tetbury in Gloucestershire and in Brandon Hill , Bristol.



Yours truly,

the traveller inside me