Culinary Adventures in my Kitchen

As much as I like sweets, I don’t bake that much!  Earlier this year, I decided, this needs to change. I’m even being  brave as I’m baking for  my team, which means I have around 20 person to judge my baking skills, most of them are males who enjoy teasing me.

This week, the cook inside me is on fire so the team is treated with some lemon curd and pistachio mini-tarts.

Lemon curd & pistachio mini tarts

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Culinary Adventures in Pancake Land

My love for sweets and sugar has no limit, I can go on and on eating chocolate, cakes, cookies…you name it. I truly believe the freedom I am giving to my body to eat as many sweets as it needs, is the secret why I never gain weight. I feed my body the sweets it needs and it rewards me by staying thin.

Today was an amazing day for me. It is the perfect excuse to have pancakes unlimitedly, not that I need any, but it is PANCAKE DAY! Everyone should have pancakes today.

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