Chew Valley Lake

I love this time of year, when spring is here with its colours and birds and when I get to go out on lovely walks in the countryside.

The British countryside is very beautiful (Since it rains most of the time).

Lately, thanks to some of my good friends, I discovered Chew Valley Lake which is a fake lake. It is a large reservoir, the fifth largest artificial lake in the UK.

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Exploring The Places Under My Nose

In his book “The Idle Traveller-The Art Of Slow Travel”, Dan Kieran has a whole chapter dedicated to staying at home and how to walk out the front door with the perspective of a traveller.

This book really changed my perspective on travel, it helped me a lot becoming a traveller rather than just a tourist.

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Autumn Colours

Having sunny, non rainy weekends in the United Kingdom in this time of the year does not happen a lot, it is something to celebrate. The proper celebration is mainly to be outdoors, enjoy the sunshine and the scenery.

If you are into photography, those sunny weekends are perfect for  autumn colours hunting. Since I now, have a proper camera ( no offence, dear phone), I took advantage of sunny weekends to capture the beauty of autumn.

The following  photos were taken in Westonbirt arboretum near the town of Tetbury in Gloucestershire and in Brandon Hill , Bristol.



Yours truly,

the traveller inside me