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Rabeb Othmani

"She doesn't seem to be afraid of any challenge put her way and is always eager to learn and share what she has learned with her colleagues and peers. She has a friendly and outgoing personality which helps keep the team motivated and engaged when the pressure is on - which is more often than not. That said she doesn't suffer fools gladly and does show a more serious side when it's needed."

Paul Swartout, previous manager

When I first met Rabeb, I was impressed with her great energy, enthusiasm and drive to make positive impact to our women in computing community. Rabeb was nominated to the important role of VP of ArabWIC chapters, a completely voluntary role! Rabeb has been instrumental to the development, training, and support of the ArabWIC organization’s regional leaders. Rabeb’s service to the women technical community at the local and global level is simply outstanding!

Kaoutar El Maghraoui, Arab WIC

I still remember Bibi's way of saying good morning when she came to the office, it was so positive and encouraging! But the best part is that she's great developer, very communicative and influential in a good way. She is also brave and willing to challenge you to prove your point, there are not many devs able to do it. I can definitely recommend her, she will make your team better!

Miroslav Kouril, previous teammate

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