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Hi! I'm Rabeb

I'm among other things an engineer, a technologist and a speaker. I'm a Senior Product Manager with over a decade of software engineering experience working on desktop & mobile applications, APIs and Developer Experience (DX). I love enabling customers be successful with the products I work on. I speak and write about product, Developer Experience, diversity, building communities, travel & food.

Astro Odyssee

Get to know me!

  • Tunisian born and bred.
  • Home base is The United Kingdom.
  • Citizen of the world. Dual national.
  • MSc in Computer Science Engineering.
  • Fluent in Arabic, French & English.
  • Natural leader according to every personality test available out there.
  • Kind according to some personality tests.
  • A lot of energy, big personality & great sense of humour according to feedback.
  • Developer & Developer Advocate in previous lives.
  • Marathon runner.
  • Loves speciality coffee, pastries & good food.
  • Loves travelling almost more than anything else.

Short Bio

Rabeb is a senior Product Manager with over a decade of software engineering experience. She's currently focusing on Developer Experience and enables developers around the globe to build awesome applications. Rabeb is passionate about changing the technology landscape. She's working to bring more diversity and inclusivity to the tech industry and to empower and promote others. Rabeb is an internationally recognised speaker, a community organiser who has helped organise many technology events and conferences.